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My name is Marko Vuković, I am a Graphic Designer and a Print Specialist, originally from Yugoslavia (modern day Serbia), but I grew up in Toronto (Canada)

As a kid I always knew I wanted to be involved in anything creative. From drawing all day, every day, even ignoring my teachers during classes so I can escape into my imagination, to staying up at night looking up artists online and in books. My entire day was consumed by artwork. I choose to attend art schools with classes and programs I needed to keep me interest. Around 16 years old became a freelancer, creating concert posters, album artwork for local Toronto Music Scene. Later I expanded by creating posters for indie movies. Eventually I went into the print industry to understanding how the graphic process continues after the artwork leaves the designer' hands.

Currently I'm the lead inhouse graphic designer for a Music Instrument Manufacturer in Germany and I'm looking for new challenges to continue my artistic journey.

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